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Austria is correct but not close enough. Goethe would say "Why seek far afield, when the good things lie nearby" (my translation of his words) - this also goes for this thread. Mike, it's possible you've seen more than one of these statues.
There was a hint in my post above, here comes another one:
Salzburg. Mozart was born in Salzburg.
Well done, Steve, you got my hint correctly. As for not seeking too afield, please check out Gene's post #6 at the beginning of this thread, there's info on some twins of this statue in the US as well as the link to more info on the Salzburg copy, which forum member Angela discovered a few yrs ago.
Steve, you win a ride to Vienna to check out the Austrian way of horse riding:
Here is Angela's posting from 2013:
In what country is this statue of Abraham Lincoln?

[Image: whereisthisstatueofabrahamlincoln.jpg]
Hint #1: The correct answer is in the Western Hemisphere.
This is a wild guess: Costa Rica.
Is it the one in Cuba?
Good try, Roger, but kudos to Bill. Yes, it is in Havana, Cuba.
There is another copy of the sculpture in the Western Hemisphere outside of the U.S. What country is it in? (And it is not Costa Rica.)
Roger's link says the statue in Havana is a smaller version of the statue of Lincoln by Augustus Sainte Gaudens in Lincoln Park, Chicago. So, I'll guess the USA.
Steve - There are more than a dozen replicas of that statue in the U.S. The replica I have in mind is outside of the U.S.
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