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Donna McCreary once mentioned there were only two statues of Mary Lincoln, she is depicted with Abraham on both of them. One is in Springfield, and a photograph is somewhere in the Springfield Tour thread.

The other is in Racine, Wisconsin and here is some info on it. Click on the photo in the article to get a full picture of the statue.
Gene, thanks for the link. Love the Racine statue. New to me.
Same here! I second Anita!
Where is this statue of Abraham Lincoln located?

[Image: wheremightthisstatuebelocated.jpg]
Is it the statue of Lincoln greeting (with beard) Grace Bedell in Westfield, New York?
Excellent, Steve! You are correct.

Over 15 years ago Ed Steers was kind enough to send me the photos below. The photos themselves were taken by Kieran McAuliffe.

There is a Roadside America web page here:

[Image: west.jpg]

[Image: gd.jpg]

[Image: west1.jpg]
What famous sculptor created many Lincoln pieces while working on a larger project.
Gutzon Borglum? (Large...)
(01-27-2019 10:05 PM)Eva Elisabeth Wrote: [ -> ]Gutzon Borglum? (Large...)

Excellent, Ms Eva! The word "larger" was a hint since Mount Rushmore is about 60 feet tall. Borglum loved Lincoln and even named one of his sons after him. Borglum, who lived after Lincoln's time, studied the 1860 Volk life mask and numerous photographs of Lincoln. He observed, "I have never found a better head than his, and I have never seen a face that was so mature, so developed, in its use of his expression."

One of the statues is in a building at the City College of New York, and another is in the crypt under the U.S. Capitol Rotunda in D.C.
Where is Mr. Lincoln riding and reading?
in Europe? ( that must cover about 10 % of the world, so its not a bad guess .... even if its wrong)
And WHAT is Mr Lincoln reading? Is that clear?
I assume he's on the Circuit.
(Perhaps in this case, a very wide cicuit, pulled far away from home.)
I know there are several statues of Abraham Lincoln in Mexico, so I shall guess Mexico.
(05-22-2020 09:34 PM)AussieMick Wrote: [ -> ]in Europe? ( that must cover about 10 % of the world, so its not a bad guess .... even if its wrong)
Perfectly correct, Mike! Now, where exactly? (There aren't many Lincoln statues over here...)
PS: A close look at the house reveals it's Europe - at least AFAIK tilt-and-turn windows are not common outside continental Europe as is the "tilt-and-turn window syndrome" which happens when cats try to climb outside through a tilted window. Very dangerous and causing typical injuries and issues, fatal if they got stuck too long. Cat owners need to secure windows. This syndrome is near unknown abroad EU...
I have a feeling I've seen it before. ... somewhere like Hungary?
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