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Where is the oldest continuously operating Lincoln Association in the U.S. based?
I think in Illinois?
That should be a safe bet, but sorry, it is not correct.
Wild guess - Harrogate, Tennessee?
Again, a logical guess, but not in Harrogate.

Hint: The group formed within months of the assassination.
Would it be a Lincoln Association in Washington, D.C.?
New York City?
I shall guess either the The Lincoln Group of New York or The Lincoln Association of Jersey City?

Was it the National Lincoln Monument Association, founded on May 11, 1865? They were charged with making plans for a tomb for Lincoln's remains. They were/are based in Springfield, IL. Although I think Roger is right in mentioning the Lincoln Association of Jersey City.
Roger is indeed correct with answering the Lincoln Association of Jersey City, NJ. They have faithfully held a banquet on Lincoln's birthday each year - February 12, 2015 marked as the 150th anniversary year.

I am not sure when the LGNY was formed, but the LGDC dates back to at least the 1930s. I've been told that it is the oldest, continuously operated Lincoln Group in the U.S.

The group that Joe mentioned, however, might have a legitimate claim to the title if they have operated continuously.

Further googling shows that the LGDC was founded in 1935, LG of Boston in 1938, and LGNY is a mere baby, having been established in 1979.

The National Lincoln Monument Association has been in existence since its founding on May 11, 1865 and continues to oversee the maintenance and preservation of Lincoln's tomb. Originally, they focused on the building of the temporary tomb which had been located on the hillside between the old vault and the location of the final tomb(after he and Willie were removed from the Receiving Vault) and then oversaw the initial building and later renovating and reconstructions of the tomb of which we are all familiar.

As to the question of which group is the older it depends on the organization date of the New Jersey group.
Here's the history of the Jersey City group, but it does not give the exact date of formation:

I'm wondering if the distinction lies in the purpose of each group -- the Jersey City one being more of an educational endeavor (like other Lincoln Groups) while the Monument Association focuses more on the business aspects of maintaining the monument itself.

Both certainly seem to be worthy endeavors.

I bet this is the distinction/technicality as to why the Jersey City group claims the honor:

"The LMA follows in the footsteps of the original association, the National Lincoln Monument Association, which was created immediately after President Lincoln’s assassination in April 1865 to raise funds to build a final resting place “which would fitly illustrate his virtues and renown”. Donations were collected from across America over the next several years, and the NLMA oversaw the design and construction of the martyred President’s memorial.

The National Lincoln Monument Association was disbanded when the last member passed away in 1894, and the tomb passed into the ownership and care of the State of Illinois."
As the title goes - where is this?
Is it in Germany?
Good idea, Roger, but it's not in Germany.
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