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Full Version: Where Is It?
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Rob, he was in southern Wisconsin at that time. He was in the vicinity of modern day Beloit, but Beloit is not the city I am looking for.
Thanks, Roger. I thought I remembered reading that somewhere.

I'm going to say Madison because it's the only place I can think of in Wisconsin.
Nope, not Madison, Susan.

I think I'll give the answer as I think this one was near impossible to research. The answer is Racine. The Lincoln Herald which just arrived at our home two days ago has a lengthy article entitled "Three Local Legends Attempt to Place Abraham Lincoln in Racine, Wisconsin." The author is Steven K. Rogstad. The author digs into three old stories of Lincoln in Racine and finds them all apocryphal.
where is this ?


(Left click to enlarge .... its not Petit Trianon)
That's the famous Healy painting, and the original is in the White House. But that is such an obvious answer that I wonder if this is a reproduction that is located somewhere else. But I do not know where, so I'll stick with the White House as my guess.
Is it in the United States?
Anita, Roger .... sorry for delay in responding. Sleep got in the way.
No, not the White House. No, not in the United States.
A clue is to say that this place has a connection with Three Little Maids.
Is it in the Bond St. Tea Shop in London.or the dining hall at school?
Anita, you're getting very very close.
What if I said it wasnt the 3 little maids that had a little list.
The Royal Opera House at Lincoln's Fields?
You've moved slightly away but Operetta does have a connection . Its not Venice of course, but Gondoliers also have a connection.

Churchill liked the place.
There's a room next door to this one called Manhattan.
The actual building is named after a France-Italy region .
The Savoy Theatre?
Yes !!!!!! Well, close enough Susan.
I was thinking of a clue along the lines of ....
If it hadn't been for the 3 Little Maids and the man who had a little list , this place wouldn't have been built.
The Savoy Hotel was built using profits from The Mikado.

The Abraham Lincoln room is one of the dining rooms.

I was thinking that Anita was going to get there, but you just beat her to it.
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