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Full Version: Where Is It?
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That's at Federal Hall in NYC
Good idea, Laurie (yes, I noticed, and you won a joint breakfast), but kudos to Roger and Thomas, that is correct - the statue is in front of the Federal Hall, 26 Wall St., NYC. It was built in 1700 as New York's City Hall, and later served as the first capitol building. Washington’s inauguration took place there on April 30, 1789.
Roger and Thomas, your prize is to join Laurie and Joe at the omelet breakfast at Fort Knox!
Where were these photos taken?

[Image: whereisssthis1.jpg]

[Image: whereisssthis2.jpg]

[Image: whereisthisss3.jpg]
Obviously a total guess ... Wilderness of Spotsylvania ?
Excellent guess, Michael, but that is incorrect.
Fort A P Hill - Caroline County, VA - Route 301, between Northbound and Southbound lanes - near Port Royal, VA. Site of Garrett's Farm where JWB was killed and Herold captured. You have to have special permission from the government to even STOP there now!! The actual barn stood in the southbound lanes. House stood in the median where the pipe is located.
A spot not far from where Booth crossed the bridge out of Washington City on the run.
Kudos, Betty! You are right.

Many thanks to Bill Binzel for sending the photos. According to Dave T.'s site, the pipe in the third photo "marks the center line of the western most chimney of the Garrett house."
See if this can be answered without looking it up.

Recently the book Dark Union was mentioned on the forum.

According to this book, where was John Wilkes Booth when he died?
Mention Dark Union, and the hair on the back of my neck stands up! I must admit to never having finished Dark Union years ago because it made my blood pressure shoot up with every chapter. However, when I first read your question, I immediately thought, "...Boyd...Tennessee?..."

Then I remembered that Booth managed to make it to Mexico, England, India, and various and sundry places in the U.S. I just can't remember which theorists have him dying where. Just to get the ball rolling, I'm going to say that Neff-Guttridge have him dying in India.
On stage? (sorry, couldn't resist - a little comedy theatre humor)
Thanks for the good laugh, Warren! And Laurie, you are correct. John Wilkes Booth died in India according to the authors of Dark Union.
Where was this photo taken?

[Image: WigX0Q3.jpg?1]

Looks like a very early display at the Petersen house across from Ford's Theatre.
Good guess, Dennis, but that isn't it.

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