Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
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Library of Congress Photograph
Hoods were placed over the prisoners' heads, and their hands and feet were bound. The rope used in the hanging was sturdy 32-strand Boston hemp. The nooses were made the night previous by Christian Rath, the hangman. From the left, the people about to be hanged were Mary Surratt (still seated), Lewis Powell (alias Paine or Payne), David Herold, and George Atzerodt. CLICK HERE to view a close-up of Powell seated on the gallows. Mary Surratt wore a black dress and veil. Herold and Atzerodt were still bareheaded when this photograph was taken. Below the platform soldiers are holding the supporting posts which would soon be knocked out when the actual hanging took place (in Washington in the courtyard of the Old Arsenal Penitentiary).

Wood Engraving from Harpers Weekly, July 22, 1865


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