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Painting of Robert T. Lincoln by Daniel Huntington; it currently hangs in the Pentagon
Photo of Robert Todd Lincoln from the Brady-Handy Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)
Robert Lincoln at age 17
Robert Lincoln's tomb at Arlington National Cemetery; Robert was eligible for burial in Arlington because of his brief service in the Civil War and his later service as Secretary of War
Robert Lincoln holding a golf club under his arm
Robert Lincoln standing with three unidentified men
Robert T. Lincoln
Robert Lincoln's wife, Mary Harlan Lincoln, on her wedding day (September 26, 1868)
Robert Lincoln's mansion at 1234 Lake Shore Drive in Chicago
The den in Robert Lincoln's Lake Shore Drive home in Chicago
Robert Lincoln's daughters, Mary and Jessie Harlan Lincoln
Robert Lincoln's grandchildren, Mary and Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith
Lincoln Isham, Robert Lincoln's grandson, standing behind his grandfather's private Pullman Palace car
Robert Lincoln's three children - Mary (left), Jessie (right) and Jack (in back)
Mary and Robert Beckwith with their mother, Jessie Lincoln Beckwith Randolph
Robert Lincoln wearing a top hat
Robert Lincoln playing golf with President William Howard Taft
President William Howard Taft putting with Robert Lincoln and caddie in the foreground
Robert Lincoln speaking at Knox College on October 7, 1896
Robert Lincoln looking through a surveyor's instrument when he was building Hildene
Playbill showing Robert Lincoln was involved in an 1864 theatrical production at Harvard
Robert Lincoln's observatory at Hildene in Manchester, Vermont
Robert Lincoln appeared before the United States Commission on Industrial Relations in 1915
Robert Lincoln's brick and stone Washington residence in the 1880's

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