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Earliest known daguerreotype of Mary Lincoln; taken c.1846 by Nicholas H. Shepherd
Photograph of Mary Lincoln taken by Mathew Brady in January 1862
Fall of 1863 photograph of Mary Lincoln; published by E. & H. T. Anthony Company in 1865
1861 photograph of Mary Lincoln taken by Mathew B. Brady
Photo of Mary Lincoln taken by Mathew B. Brady in 1862
1862 Mathew Brady photo of Mary Lincoln
Last known photograph of Mary Lincoln; possibly taken by William Mumler in 1872
Photo taken in 1863 when a group of Native Americans visited the White House; Mary Lincoln is said to be at far right
Head and shoulder vignette of Mary; possibly taken by William H. Mumler in 1861
Photo of Mary Lincoln probably taken in 1864 by Wenderoth and Taylor
Mary Lincoln photograph taken in 1862 or 1863 by an unknown photographer
1861 photo of Mary Lincoln taken by Mathew B. Brady
Mary Lincoln with sons Willie (left) and Tad. The photo was taken in late 1860. (Illinois State Historical Library)
Mathew B. Brady photo of Mary Lincoln (1862)

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