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The best of 2013
01-08-2014, 02:01 PM
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RE: The best of 2013
Quote:Betty, (do you know) what exactly did the "boxes of assassins implements" contain? Were the contents visible to the spectators (e.g. through a glass lid)? Or why were they placed in this position rather than near the table of the commission?

Good question, Eva! I don't know for sure if that table was placed there or not. The Philadelphia Inquirer drawing does contain some errors - so I'm not sure it was there. John or Barry would probably know. I would think NOT; but that it was closer to the commission/witness table. I am somewhat positive that the benches for spectators are where I placed them in the drawing.

"The Past is a foreign country...they do things differently there" - L. P. Hartley
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