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Professor Who Called Students ‘Vectors of Disease’ in Video Is Suspended
01-23-2022, 12:13 PM (This post was last modified: 01-23-2022 12:26 PM by Rob Wick.)
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RE: Professor Who Called Students ‘Vectors of Disease’ in Video Is Suspended

If you look at the interviews that Mehler has given since all this started, it's pretty clear that much of what he says is intended for shock and isn't meant to be taken literally. I mentioned early on that I had a lesbian professor who told the class on the first day if you were a male you likely wouldn't pass. I ended up with a C, so she obviously was saying something to make a point as to her political beliefs. To be honest, I don't think I would want Mehler as a professor, but 60 percent of his students who rated him on said they would take him again. Given that a person generally can figure that about half of everyone he/she meets will find something they don't like about someone, I don't think that's pretty bad.

David, as for you, you obviously don't grasp my point. I am not saying they were there to show their support (although one would need to know how many of those who showed up were actually vaccinated), but rather in answer to your meaningless point about it being the student's First Amendment right to protest over what Mehler said. Again, no one suggested that they couldn't, whether they were there to support or to oppose him. If after this you still can't grasp my point, then you are on your own.

As an addendum, here is a quote from one of Mehler's students.

Professor Mehler is quite the character. Has a lot of credibility in his field, however most of his lectures rarely ever pertained to the topic at hand but he was very interesting to listen to. Hilarious, but if you don't like cursing, you might not want to take him as he swears a lot. Don't be on your phone in class either, he will call you out.

So Mehler had a history of cursing in class for a while (that review was written in January of 2020), yet no one in the administration ever thought it necessary to put a stop to it? Hmmm.


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