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Did Lincoln believe in "Manifest Destiny?"
12-01-2019, 06:37 PM
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RE: Did Lincoln believe in "Manifest Destiny?"
Thanks Will Bill.
Well so he partially endorsed Manifest Destiny in the territories of the States. But what could he do? Sink the merchant ships full of immigrants before they reach the East Cost ports,? Yes, MD was an awful tragedy for the Natives. Yet all Natives tribes were not the now idolized "only victims" they are in our global repentant Western Society. Take a modern parallel. Imagine in every Western Europe country, people forming gangs, going to the majority African /North African /Eastern districts in their cities, storming families flats, abducting and raping women and children, kill men and so on. What would that kind of people called? Not "resistance", but outright faschism and genocidals. Every nation and population has its strengths and its sins. Not only the whites. Look at how China is now invading Africa. Strangely, you won't hear "modern progressives" whining about. They have the blessings of not being white.
So yes, maybe he did believe in MD, but partially. He was not harboring, unlike the Democrats, the dream of invading all the continent. Otherwise he would not have take the political risk to oppose Mexican war.
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