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Does a State have the right to secede?
08-20-2013, 06:50 PM
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RE: Does a State have the right to secede?
Was the American Revolution "constitutional"? If so, the South or any other region or state had a similar right to secede. If not then it was illegal or unconstitutional. Remember, he great seal of the Confederacy was of George Washington on his horse. All the South did was assert its inalienable rights to its state sovereignty. Their fault was, that unlike the Rebels of the American Revolution, they lost the war. Texas v. White is a mere Yankee cover-up after the fact. New York, Rhode Island and Virginia approved of the Constitution with the reservation that they could secede if at any time the new compact violated their state rights. The real question is was the Constitution "constitutional" or an illegal revision and then replacement of the Articles of Confederation.

Now, for those of you who are unaware, i.e., most of you, I have refused to renew my membership to the Surratt Society and I have pledged to Roger Norton that I would stay out of these debates. This is my last statement on this or any other matter. I do not care what the rest of you think, although I support your right to think and say it. Just do it without me, please. Thank you.
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