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April 19, 1865 funeral procession
03-30-2015, 02:01 PM
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RE: April 19, 1865 funeral procession
Ah, "The Myths, Mysteries, and Mayhem of Mary Lincoln" has not been shelved . . . but it will be renamed. Not one person on the editorial board would sign off on that particular title. The book is a Q&A book -- and answers some of the more difficult and even odd questions about Mary's life. Of course we will attack the insanity question -- but there is more, so much more, to Mary's life than the year of questionable sanity. If you look at some of my posted questions here, you will see that some of them are questions from the book -- questions about wax figures, dolls, the body snatchers, and several others.
I am not sure what the exact release date will be. Kim and I are busy writing, and everything must be finished by May 15th. There is not much time left, and I still have piles of research to sort.
My current project consists of brief bios of friends and family members. I am open to suggestions as to who makes the "friends' list." Perhaps we should start a new thread regarding the topic.
Oh, the title (which I agree with Gene -- it is wonderful) will not go to waste. I plan to use it for something -- maybe the next book.
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