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The Case of Mrs. Surratt by Guy W Moore
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The Case of Mrs. Surratt by Guy W Moore
One of the better "Mrs. Surratt Was Innocent" books I've read.

Written in 1954, with 142 pages (including index and resources) published by University of Oklahoma Press.

In my opinion one of the better books stating the case that Mrs. Surratt was innocent.
His comments are more logical and have documented sources. Much of the argument is trying to refute Louis Weichmann and John Lloyd's testimony. Many of the comments against Weichmann are from statements by John Brophy and Louis Carland at John Surratt's trial. For me, their testimony just didn't seem very believable.

Well written, not to difficult to read, sources and quotes well documented. That's why I think it is worth reading regardless of how you feel about Mrs. Surratt. He states his case well.
I just don't agree with it. This is a book I believe will be worth reading through again.

This book, and the author, have been mentioned on the forum before. There are some interesting comments, just search "Guy W. Moore"

I couldn't fine it on Internet Archives, but Chapt 1 is available on Google books -

The complete book is available through other retailers

So when is this "Old Enough To Know Better" supposed to kick in?
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