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Knights of the Golden Circle
07-09-2012, 07:31 PM
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Knights of the Golden Circle
I cannot wait for David Keehn's book on The Knights of the Golden Circle to be published. I had a rousing phone discussion with a gentleman today which began with him swearing to me that The Diary of John Surratt, Jr. by Dion Haco was a genuine article. You know how far he got with that!

He then quoted the passage about Junior being a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle and was surprised to find out that I knew what that group was. I agreed that I suspected that JWB might have been a member, but that no conclusive proof had been found to date. I did tell him something that he didn't know (and I did, thanks to David Keehn), William O'Laughlen, older brother of Michael and good friend of Booth was a member of the KGC.

Then this man got into the realm of the great sins of the Free Masons, a secret society responsible for all the evils in the world. And, yes, he also believes in the Illuminati and every conspiracy known to man...

Luckily, after about twenty minutes, I was saved by a long-distance call coming in on the roll-over line.
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