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Lincoln, Davis and Booth: Family Secrets
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RE: Lincoln, Davis and Booth: Family Secrets
(05-23-2013 12:23 PM)Gene C Wrote:  Thanks Mr Cowan, that was interesting. I had never heard those stories before. I'm still skeptical, but it was still interesting. Knowing how much people gossip, I would have thought those stories/rumors would have seen a wider circulation in Lincoln's time. Interesting that your references all come from Herndon. Does any other biographer verify this informatin?

Liz mentioned earlier regarding Bible reading that Dennis Hanks could tell a tale, (and so did Roger) so this could be another one. I have been led to believe that on occasion he could fabricate some stories, and other times tell the 100% truth.

And thanks, because I didn't know "Hendon's Informants" was on line.

Gene, please also check p.68 of chapter 1 of M. Bulingame's "A.L.-A life" online edition - especially the footnotes.

(05-22-2013 10:13 PM)Troy Cowan Wrote:  LincolnMan,

I wonder if those stories are false? They originated from the Davis family's oral history. Why would the Davis family tell lie after lie from one generation to the next, unless they believed it? Jane Davis first told the story in 1969 and few people believed it then. Because only a few people believe it, that does not make it false. I read the book and I believe it to be true.

Dear Mr Cowan,
please allow me to state my personal opinion on the following (for I feel the need to do so), which in no way is intended as an offence.
Instead of saying "I read the book and believe it to be true." I would have preferred you to play with an open hand from the outset, saying "I WROTE the book and this is what I believe."

Please, what shall I think of a book claiming to tell the (one and only?) truth and being promoted by its author in disguise in such a manner?
My answer is: I don't like to be manipulated that way (which is exactly what I felt!), and, as for me, it backfired, making it as difficult as possible to consider your beliefs as an option for my point of view. I repeat: this is my very personal opinion.
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