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Lincoln, Davis and Booth: Family Secrets
05-23-2013, 11:22 AM
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RE: Lincoln, Davis and Booth: Family Secrets
Thomas and Nancy Lincoln could not read or write and had no use for books or papers. Some believe that the bible Nancy read from is on display. A bible may be on display, but not Nancy's. The stories of Nancy reading the bible to Abraham are lies. It was Sarah Lincoln (Thomas Lincoln's second wife) that brought a bible into the house.

The Historian's Lincoln: Pseudohistory, Psychohistory, and History
Later, (when Lincoln was 42) after his father died in 1851, Lincoln filled in his genealogy in the front of the family bible.


From the very beginning people have suspected that Thomas Lincoln was castrated

You ask me a question was he Thomas Lincoln Castrated. I heard a Cousin of my fathers Judge Jonathan Friend Cessna say that Thomas Lincoln could not have been Abes father for one of Thomas Lincoln's testicles was no larger than a pea or perhaps both of them were no larger than peas.

page 119
One word about Dennis Hanks. When you see him, ask him, in a roundabout way, if Thomas Lincoln was not castrated because of the mumps when young. Dennis told me this often and repeated it. Please ask the question, won't you, and note it down.

Nancy got pregnant by a farmer while working in his tobacco field. To give the baby a name, Elizabeth Sparrow arranged a marriage to Thomas Lincoln. This was a loveless marriage. Instead of building a log cabin on his acreage he had near Elizabethtown, Thomas moved his new bride into a shed in an alley behind some houses. There were no facilities--water ,stove, fireplace. Here she gave birth to Sarah Lincoln.

At a horse action, Nancy met a man named Samuel Davis. They fell in love and Nancy had two children by him, Abraham and Thomas. Nancy had three children, none by Thomas.

After Nancy died, Thomas married Sarah Johnson. Sarah had three children by her first husband and none by Thomas. Thomas was castrated at ten and couldn't have children.
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