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I think I might have a I need a book
07-13-2012, 04:42 PM
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RE: I think I might have a I need a book
Thanks for your kind words Joe.

You're probably right that using a disputed quote might not be the best, but in another way I think it embodies perfectly what Sandburg did, i.e., while he may have gotten some of the cold, hard, provable facts wrong, he still came closer than many to giving us a true picture of who Lincoln was, especially in the eyes of the people. Using a quote that is in dispute kind of pays a homage to Sandburg, who, after all, was more interested in painting a living picture of a man so important to our country even 200 years after his death than writing a monograph.

H.L. Mencken once wrote of Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years "Are the facts all respected? Is the narrative satisfactory to the professors of Lincolnology? To hell with the professors of Lincolnology."


Abraham Lincoln in the only man, dead or alive, with whom I could have spent five years without one hour of boredom.
--Ida M. Tarbell

I want the respect of intelligent men, but I will choose for myself the intelligent.
--Carl Sandburg
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