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One Hundred Years
05-15-2022, 06:21 PM (This post was last modified: 05-17-2022 07:51 AM by Eva Elisabeth.)
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One Hundred Years
On my way home from Vienna to Kiel this past weekend, I stumbled across this song broadcasted by a Czech radio station (my route passed Czech Republic).
Well, Czech to me is an impenetrable language in writing and listening, one can't identify a single word to possibly resemble a word from any other Indo-European language, but I could identify a few well-known names in this song, which totally amazed me.
I wanted to know what the song was exactly about, and with a little help of The Google, could find out the title and establish this lyrics translation (and found it even more amazing):

One hundred years

Everything has its rules, its laws,
this world also has them.
And the one who determined them was time.
After night comes day,
weeks, months, years and centuries alternate,
people are born, they experience
their everyday lives and moments
that are worth it,
and when their autumn comes, they
leave the world to children,
and they are on the path
they have taken. those who were here before them.

However, everything often does
not always seem the same.
The sun does not shine every day,
the storm does not always bring destruction, we do not
meet friends at once.
Why wasn't time consistent,
perhaps because otherwise he couldn't
or only on a whim?

So are the years 1848, 78,
1918, 38, 48 and 1968 random,
have people caused them,
or are they a series set by time?

I'll tell you a strange story,
the stranger the story is,
it's real.
His events separate one hundred years
President Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln,
and he warned him against traveling to Dallas.
John Wilkes Booth shot in the theater
and his bullets aimed at the warehouse.
Lee Harvey Oswald fired from the warehouse
and his shots were aimed at the theater.

Both Lincoln and Kennedy have seven letters,
Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson have thirteen letters.
The names John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald have fifteen letters.

Is everything just a coincidence?

The Chez original lyrics are here:
It's an amazing topic for a Czechoslovakian musician in 1968 IMO, so I found it worth sharing.
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