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Professor Who Called Students ‘Vectors of Disease’ in Video Is Suspended
01-21-2022, 10:37 AM
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RE: Professor Who Called Students ‘Vectors of Disease’ in Video Is Suspended
I don't see it as a question of fault, Gene. I just find it ironic that on a forum dedicated to a man who was well known for smutty stories and use of adult language, that people here would have such a problem. You are more than free to live your life according to your standards and to raise your family with those same standards, and I will support you 100 percent. However, you are not free to demand that I also follow those standards if I don't agree with them just as you don't have to accept mine. And in going further toward your argument that context is important, I couldn't agree more. A tenured professor teaching in a public university has both academic freedom AND a constitutionally-protected right to say whatever he wants without the prior restraint of government. What the university said that Mehler violated is an overly broad and constitutionally-dubious restriction on his right of free speech. To me the answer is clear. If you want to be sure that nothing is said that will offend you or your family, then you are free to send your children to a private, religious college. When you send them to a public school, you pretty much take what you get.

By the way, is smut OK in a tavern full of lawyers and not at an ice cream social?

Mike, let's be more generous and say that as many as 20 percent of the students might find it shocking. Why do their beliefs take precedence over the 80 percent who don't? You mention television and radio standards, but you must realize that as society has changed, so too have those standards. You may decry the change that society has made (and again, that is your right), but just because you don't agree with it, doesn't mean you, or anyone else, can tell society at large that it is wrong for everyone. Otherwise, freedom of speech is meaningless.

Gentleman, I hope both of you have a good day.


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