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Robert Arnold's Book The Conspiracy Between John Wilkes Booth and the Union Army
10-25-2018, 08:30 PM
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RE: Robert Arnold's Book The Conspiracy Between John Wilkes Booth and the Union Army
First, "several years ago" means just that - Arnold's book came out in 2016, which is several years removed from the current year of 2018.

Second, Our gift shop manager (who is an expert in the Lincoln assassination field also) and I reviewed Arnold's book at the time that he sent it to us. Please note that he was plugging his book; we did not solicit it and his publisher did not send us one. Perhaps sales were moving slowly?

One author has referred to the Surratt House Museum and its related members as "the Vatican" for those interested in the history of this crucial event (and, it was meant with respect, not as a put-down). Perhaps Dr. Arnold saw a lucrative market at our museum? However, we did not consider the content up to good research standards and did not believe his claim that he had found so many things secretly hidden away by the government for over 150 years. Is his the first book we have rejected? Heck, no! Just rejected one on Pink Parker yesterday.

At this very moment, Arnold's book is sitting on my kitchen table, and I have every good intent of giving it a second go-round. One thing I remembered immediately upon opening the volume is that there are almost as many pages dedicated to photocopies of his presented "evidence" as there are pages of text. Not always a good sign, at least to me -- filler when one can't find enough to write about?

And, all of your disparaging remarks about Michael Kauffman -- yep, same man who is very well-respected in the history and publishing field. I do not agree with all of his conclusions, but I certainly stand in awe of the tremendous amount of intense research that he has done over the course of about 40 years (and continues to do while working a full-time job and raising a family). Perhaps some day I will have the same respect for your writings, but not right now.

And finally, please verify your statement, "As a published author and recognized authority on the JFK assassination in the JFK research community, I am quite familiar with Dr. Lattimer." I am a little confused as to who the "published author and recognized authority" is. Are you referring to yourself or Dr, Lattimer? Poor sentence structure, sorry. In any event, the Kennedy family thought enough of his qualifications to allow him access to the medical files. And isn't it a little self-serving to list your websites as references?

Good night. I'm sure we'll be chatting again tomorrow.
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