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Similarities Between Lincoln and Trump
08-29-2018, 07:05 PM (This post was last modified: 08-29-2018 07:37 PM by AussieMick.)
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RE: Similarities Between Lincoln and Trump
Kate and Eva, I'm not one of those who think Ali could do no wrong. But I dont think intellectual capacity is a priority for a world champion boxer. As for him claiming to be the greatest ( I think thats a very difficult thing to judge over the long history of boxing ... but, yep, I'd put him in the top 4)... but you've got to believe in yourself if you want to be the best.

His married life and capability as a father? Obviously far from perfect. But then who is? And I think he was aware of his failings in that area , at least as much as most men are.

Did he have a habit of saying he was good-looking? Yep. And it sold tickets at high prices to the fights ... and boosted his income.

You dont get to be heavyweight boxing champion of the world by being a shy flower.
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