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Similarities Between Lincoln and Trump
08-29-2018, 09:30 AM
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RE: Similarities Between Lincoln and Trump
I agree that we need to discontinue these personal opinions of modern politics and politicians, but I have one more question before I shut up: How has William Jefferson Clinton managed to commit so many faux pas (sex scandals, draft dodging, etc.) over the years (both in and out of office) that caused a media frenzy, and now he's a squeaky clean, shining star in the eyes of many.

I have previously mentioned the book One Nation Under Sex, which tastefully presents documented history of Presidents, First Ladies, Cabinet and Congress members, and major political kingpins whose antics have been covered over the years -- some were discreet and some were blatant and could have affected the course of the country. Evidently, their behavior was accepted, and the country moved on.

While not sexual in nature (that innuendo is just popping up widespread in the past decade or so), Lincoln and his policies received some of the worst press of any President. He's now an American icon. Go figure...
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