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Similarities Between Lincoln and Trump
08-13-2018, 03:55 PM
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RE: Similarities Between Lincoln and Trump
Oh, man! I don't know where to begin when I'm trying to topple David from his bully pulpit... But, I would like it to be known that, personally, (even though he tends to get my dander up), I do learn some Lincoln things from his sermons (said with respect). However, when he can't make a Lincoln distinction and starts down the liberal path of suggesting things like nuclear war, I shut down.

As for reputable news sources, y'all already know my prejudices against the modern media. Don't lynch me, but I have cut out subscriptions to newspapers and news magazines over the past decade and only occasionally slip onto one of their online sources. It also depends on where one lives as to the news outlets that they prefer. However, to satisfy David's request to cite what I consider reputable sources: The Wall Street Journal (which some of our museum volunteers share with me); The Washington Post (even though I canceled them because some of their editorials kept ticking me off); usually anything run under an Associated Press byline; National Public Radio; occasionally catch BBC postings, and consider them a good source for the European world view of America.

Now, David, take a deep breath - when I really want to know in-depth coverage of an event, political debate, etc., I turn on Fox News! As of January 2018, it is considered the most trusted of the television news stations. CNN is second. I had heard about Fox News several years ago and just went online to Forbes, which verified that Fox still holds the title.

My question now is: Do these news sources get their show of support because conservatives and independents are the most likely to read/view them? Are liberals and millennials depending on social media and gossip more than traditional sources.

Roger - All of those Lincoln quotes strike to the heart of what I consider a major issue in our country today. There are too many citizens who feel the need to complain rather than get up every morning and head to work, or find crime a more lucrative way of support, or who just keep their hands stretched out for the government dole as generations before have. It appears to me that Trump and Lincoln think alike on that matter - when you really dig for the truth and stop worrying about scandals.
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