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Lincoln Forum Symposium 2017
11-24-2017, 03:26 PM (This post was last modified: 11-24-2017 03:28 PM by Angela.)
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Lincoln Forum Symposium 2017
I just wanted to send a quick note about the recent Symposium in Gettysburg.
It was - as always - a wonderful affair with great speakers and many new books introduced.
Of course, this years highlight was Ron Chernow and his new biography on Grant...he DID have to answer quite a few questions on why he focused on certain, not so well liked, traits that Grant possessed. Mr. Chernow handled it beautifully and professionally!

Also, there were foreign visitors from not only Canada but also France - the latter offering a booklet on a "Lincoln" picture that was...interesting.

Not just one but TWO student recipients of scholarships in the past have returned, one of them has joined the board of advisors and both of them are now lifetime members! I thought that pretty impressive!
@Laurie - you will remember introducing Michaela to me last year; we have become close friends over time.

There were midnight sessions on canon operation led by battlefield experts that left visiting tourists stunned and parties where serious exchange und light fun were in perfect balance.

Dedication day was - as always - the coldest day anyone could ever imagine and Harold Holzer's speech on the recent statue debate was a milestone.

There is a beautiful new memorial to the late Jim Getty and while I only was lucky to see him once, I do believe it does him right.
I have wholeheartedly embraced Mr. Buss as the new Abraham Lincoln, who continues the tradition of touching people's hearts with the way he moves and talks and interacts.

I had a wonderful time and am already counting the days until Nov. 16 2018!

(some of the pictures look a little strange in the preview but show up ok if you click on them - at least they do for me)

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