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Theodore Roosevelt's words on Lincoln
09-19-2012, 04:08 PM
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RE: Theodore Roosevelt's words on Lincoln
TR never mentioned witrnessing the funeral, but one of his young female relatives who was in the house at the time, confirmed that he was there to watch it (from inside). (I ant recall off hand who that was. I think it was Teddy's sister. I won't have a chance to double check it for a while. There weren't any other kids the same ages of TR and Elliot there at the time, to my knowledge. It's pretty safe to conclude it is TR and Elliot in that opened window. I don't think many people know that the soldiers on the street below constituted the head of the funeral procession. That's right. Even tho the procession began at City Hall, the front of the line was in front of the Van Shaack mansion. They were standing about in most of the photos (all but one such pic) waiting for their cue to start marching. The word that the procession had begun (and late!) came by a soldier on horselback, who galloped all the way up from City Hall to give them the word, in effect, "start marching!"
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