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Theodore Roosevelt's words on Lincoln
09-19-2012, 11:38 AM
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RE: Theodore Roosevelt's words on Lincoln
(09-18-2012 03:52 PM)LincolnMan Wrote:  It has been claimed that young Theodore Roosevelt witnessed the Lincoln funeral procession in New York when he was a young boy. Whether true or not, Roosevelt thought very highly of Abraham Lincoln. The almost poetic quote below comes from a speech given by him delivered at Lincoln's birthplace February 12, 1909. Speaking of Lincoln, he said:

"....He grew to know greatness, but never happiness, save that which springs from doing well a painful and a vital task. Power was his, but not pleasure. The furrows deepened on his brow, but his eyes were undimmed by either hate or fear. His gaunt shoulders were bowed, but his steel thews never faltered as he bore for a burden the destinies of his people. His great and tender heart shrank from giving pain; and the task allotted him was to pour out like water the life-blood of the young men, and to feel in his every fibre the sorrow of the women. Disaster saddened but never dismayed him. As the red years of war went by they found him ever doing his duty in the present, ever facing the future with fearless front, high of heart, and dauntless of soul. Unbroken by hatred, unshaken by scorn, he worked and suffered for the people. Triumph was his at the last; and barely had he tasted it before murder found him, and the kindly, patient, fearless eyes were closed forever."
Go to page 168 in TWENTY DAYS where you will see the photo that also shows Theodore Roosevelt (age 6 and a half and his brother Elliott (later to be father of Eleanor) in a 2nd story window watching the funeral procession of A.L. in New York City.
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