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"You Know Best, Captain" Talk by Dave Taylor
07-29-2017, 01:04 PM
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RE: "You Know Best, Captain" Talk by Dave Taylor
Well, I finally listened to Dave Taylor's speech and John Fazio is correct.

The problem is that Dave's presentation simply ignores anything referring to Booth and the Confederacy in a very selective manner. I agree with Fazio that there was a distinct Confederate sponsorship in the assassination. For example, how did Powell get involved? By being sent to Baltimore as a Rebel agent--no just by drifting there. He met David Paar in Judah P. Benjamin's office, imo. At least that's what I get out of Betty Ownsbey, Alias Payne, page 26 (latest edition). Dave correctly give her much credit for her book.

John Fazio and I get to the same goal down different paths, as our two books illustrate (his Decapitating the Union and my Last Confederate Heroes), but we arrive at the same conclusion. Since Dave left all this out, he ought to debate his reasons why. For all of us.
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