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"You Know Best, Captain" Talk by Dave Taylor
07-29-2017, 10:52 AM
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RE: "You Know Best, Captain" Talk by Dave Taylor
(07-29-2017 04:56 AM)RJNorton Wrote:  
(07-28-2017 10:29 PM)John Fazio Wrote:  The truth went into hibernation for 123 years (1865-1988) before Tidwell, Hall and Gaddy resurrected it.

One thing that really makes me curious is a man named Leonard T. Hogan. We have discussed him briefly before on this forum, and information is lacking. What makes me really curious is there is an article which indicates Hogan "was a messenger for the South's high command and was carrying a message to Booth to abandon his plan to kill the president."

"The tale about Hogan provokes some of the most serious thoughts. According to Gault, who was at the gathering that night in 1900, Hogan said he was a runner between the high command of the South and the underground in Washington. On the night of the shooting, Hogan said he had been sent to Washington and ''carried orders forbidding Booth to kill the president.''

Does anyone have anything new on Hogan?

It seems to me if the Hogan story were true then the argument for the Confederate government being behind the assassination is strengthened. If the Confederates were not involved, then why would they try to send a message to Booth to hold off? I would love to know more about Hogan and his veracity or lack of it.


I read as much material as I know exists about Hogan and the cast of characters who figure into his story in some way (A. R. Story, Rev. G. Powell. Sears, S. S. Story, Duncan, Peet, Gault and Richards) and feel that though there is probably a nugget or two of truth in it, there is entirely too much speculation, hearsay and unconfirmed accounts from dubious sources to consider it seriously. For that reason, it should not be given a place in the assassination story. We might be inclined to dig further if we felt it would bear fruit, but it shows no signs of doing that, for one thing, and we don't need it, for another. There is already so much evidence--eyewitness, material and circumstantial--establishing complicity of the Confederate government and its Secret Service Bureau, that the Hogan story, even if confirmed to be bona fide, would be excess baggage. Ask Wild Bill.

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