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"You Know Best, Captain" Talk by Dave Taylor
07-28-2017, 10:29 PM
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RE: "You Know Best, Captain" Talk by Dave Taylor
(07-28-2017 06:50 PM)Steve Wrote:  I think a big public debate on the issue, whether or not it's by John or David, would be a great way to bring attention to the issue of the Lincoln assassination conspiracy to members of the public that have an interest in history and are vaguely aware of it but don't know the details. It might inspire some to research the issue themselves and come up with their own conclusions. It also might inspire some high schoolers to get interested in the issue and become the Lincoln assassination scholars of the future!


Thank you. I quite agree with you. The truth went into hibernation for 123 years (1865-1988) before Tidwell, Hall and Gaddy resurrected it. We owe it these great scholars, now sadly gone, to bring the fruit of their labor to as many as possible by all means necessary and practical. Truth is more important than convenience. Better an inconvenient truth than a convenient falsehood any day.

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