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"You Know Best, Captain" Talk by Dave Taylor
07-28-2017, 09:23 AM
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RE: "You Know Best, Captain" Talk by Dave Taylor
(07-28-2017 06:58 AM)Wild Bill Wrote:  I agree with John Fazio's challenge to Dave Taylor to debate whether the CS government had anything to do with the Lincoln Assassination. Not am I surprised with Dave's refusal. It would be tantamount to sticking one's hand in a pit bull's mouth. But its immediacy is enduring and I suspect it will come up again--and again, until nothing will stop it. So get ready, people, it is coming. It will not be a might-have-been in the end, I suspect, as it borders on limiting free inquiry.

You hit the nail on the head, Bill, for my reason of not thinking the debate would be beneficial -- "tantamount to sticking one's hand in a pit bull's mouth." And frankly, I see little worth that ever comes out of such debates.

Authors, including John, have expressed their viewpoints on this particular issue in published writings for those who care to consider the pros and cons of Confederate participation (and I happen to be one of those who thinks that original planning from that area came even earlier than Booth's arrival on the scene and continued in some form).

Authors Tidwell, Hall, and Gaddy were honest enough to say right up front that, in their investigations, it was doubtful that the issue would ever be satisfactorily settled since it was a covert operation. John pushed the issue further in Decapitating the Union, but still did not prove the involvement within a reasonable doubt, imo.

I don't see a debate at this point arriving at anything new except an audience voting on the strengths of the debaters, not the evidence at hand.
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