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He Served in Place of Abraham Lincoln
01-21-2016, 04:28 PM
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RE: He Served in Place of Abraham Lincoln
Gene, I see that Rob Wick and Susan have posted links (I did not have, and cannot get to work for me). And Eva, you are right: if I had better links and such, I try and post them. Since some of us can't read the articles, what scraps of further information are found there? I'd like to think Summerfield got some pension for his unique service to his country. Contrast his pension (denied) with the fairly speedy
pension that Boston Corbett got approved.

I just wonder, from the initial skeptics to my post here and...various replies, I wonder: will Summerfield be the next 'Rutledge Extinction event'? External to this Symposium, perhaps published Lincoln scholars will take up the topic of Summerfield...but only to laborously deny virtually all aspects of the events? I'd like to see Gene or Roger submit a modern-day article on Summerfield to a pop magazine, maybe even as a 'curiosity item' in say Old Farmer's Almanac. Roger, you mentioned timing and dates a couple times: when was Noble officially a High Priest. I notice this oddity of dates, When he had that small newspaper interview, he suggested Summerfield died in the Wilderness campaign. But Summerfield was only recruited in October 1864 and the Wilderness was already over, 6 months BEFORE that.
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