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He Served in Place of Abraham Lincoln
01-19-2016, 04:18 PM
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RE: He Served in Place of Abraham Lincoln

After reading several of your posts, I've decided that you are a cynic who cannot ascribe to Lincoln or members of his cabinet any altruistic motive. It is certainly true that there have been venal office holders, motivated by the desire for money and/or power. (I live in Illinois.) And it is also true that, to gain office and remain in office, a politician must be pragmatic and sometimes, for a larger good, might have to do something he would prefer not to do. But you have made it sound as if Lincoln associated with "cronies," who chuckle evilly as they commit another nefarious deed. It's as if you believe that Seward and Stanton were villains in a melodrama, curling their mustaches before they tied poor Nell to the railroad track. Where do you get this stuff? Do you read a lot of bad fiction?

I'm also willing to bet that you are a conspiracy buff who distrusts the "experts" because you think them either self-motivated hacks willing to create or perpetuate lies to sell books or fools who have been blind to the realities which you think are obvious. (How could anyone miss the significance of the omission of Lincoln from the 1840 census? What fools! And this has been going on for 175 years?!!) In an earlier post you said that "history demands" that people pursue the truth (I'm paraphrasing here). True. But you seem to find that the only truth-pursuers are those whom you agree with.

In another post a responder called your post "drivel." The writer's comment was accurate. Your posts have been (with the exception of one about Martin Luther King) drivel because the thoughts behind the posts are immature.
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