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He Served in Place of Abraham Lincoln
01-15-2016, 11:07 PM
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RE: He Served in Place of Abraham Lincoln
Again we see that this Lincoln Symposium, and Roger Norton providing it, develops new and interesting Lincoln information. Compare our efforts with all the past giants in Lincoln scholarship, and if we seem to surpass them to some extent, it is due to: the Internet and sites like this Lincoln Symposium. With the net and a desire to really investigate a topic, a person can almost instantly run down items and hunches in their mind, search for past instances on the net, accumulate and sort out from millions of sophisticated sources. The very best, past 'Lincoln scholars' never remotely had that option to gather and sort through information. Then with a forum like this, you can instantly bring your 'new ideas' to the table for the enjoyment, ridicule, analysis of other folks across the world --many having a much greater depth of Lincoln lore and often quickly share the wealth of their knowledge. Wouldn't the 'oldtyme Lincoln scholars' wish they had some of the advantages and resources we enjoy here.
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