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Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
12-31-2015, 12:35 PM
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RE: Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could interview our historical figures, Kate? I have a bucket list of ones that I hope to meet in the hereafter -- and some of them are not as nice as Lincoln.

"One reason might be that, if so, then millions of folks then and since the War were cleverly and intentionally deceived. And well intentioned but naive young men might really HAVE 'died in vain'. "

Did the voters in 1860 vote for Lincoln because of his religious views? I don't believe so - political views, perhaps. Did men from North, South, East, and West take up arms to support Lincoln's religious views? I don't believe so -- they had their own views on a number of issues, and their views may have included religion. However, I doubt that even army recruiters used the line, "Join now to support Abraham Lincoln's religious views."

I have a term for your discussion topics on this forum, backwards Abraham. I believe you love playing "devil's advocate." I have a colleague who would enjoy working with you. No matter what anyone proposes, she has to argue in the opposite direction - even when her arguing points are baseless. She knows that people are not going to agree with her, but while she's mouthing off, she's getting the attention that she craves.
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