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Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
12-31-2015, 09:35 AM (This post was last modified: 12-31-2015 09:39 AM by Eva Elisabeth.)
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RE: Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
(12-30-2015 09:42 PM)maharba Wrote:  Why might it matter if Abraham Lincoln was actually an atheist?

One reason might be that, if so, then millions of folks then and since the War were cleverly and intentionally deceived. And well intentioned but naive young men might really HAVE 'died in vain'. Here's another quote that likely won't change any minds,
Can you please explain inasfar your reply answers the question? The war was not about religion.

Inasfar were people cleverly and intentionally deceived (or have been since) by Lincoln (the question was about Lincoln!)?

(12-31-2015 06:45 AM)RJNorton Wrote:  
(12-30-2015 09:42 PM)maharba Wrote:  "Never in all that time did he let fall from his lips or his pen an expression which remotely implied the slightest faith in Jesus as the son of God and the Savior of men." -Ward Lamon
IMO this does not mean he was not a Deist as some of us have opined in previous posts.
Exactly - and no one in this discussion has claimed he was a "technical" Christian, but that he cherished and lived Christian values (which not every "official" Christian does!!!).
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