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Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
12-11-2015, 12:02 PM
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RE: Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
I continue to feel Lincoln was a deist, not an atheist.>

Both Darwin and Lincoln are often compared, both born the same day Feb 12, 1809. In a sense Charles Darwin is 'more of an industry' than Abraham Lincoln is. And the atheist-spilling-over-into-the science community is very heavily invested in Darwin, and very intrenched with doctrinaire positions about what Charles Darwin believed. But the modern atheist/scientist has never read Darwin, and merely parrots one-liners, now from the internet easily found, to bolster their claims for Darwin. Those atheists (like now deceased Steven Gould) who cleverly wished to pose Darwin as a friend of Christians would spin out one-liners, and would conclude with a vague "Darwin was really more of an agnostic". During his life, Darwin was expert at networking worldwide. His staunch supporter, and a Northern 'Christian' of sorts was Professor Asa Gray. For decades, Darwin allowed Gray to delude himself that Darwin still some level in Design, teleology, even God? In fact, Darwin was an atheist.

These quotes here from Lincoln mentioning God. When I see excessively flowery usage as here, it looks to me like it was either written for Lincoln to recite as a matter of expected form, or that the entire quote is yet another invention. How many countless Lincoln narratives are there with Lincoln ending in making some golden reference to 'the majesty of the Lord's handiwork', etc.
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