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Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
12-11-2015, 09:03 AM
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RE: Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
(12-10-2015 03:42 PM)maharba Wrote:  Instead, I think he would have been proud to rightfully claim his Atheism.

I am not yet convinced. I continue to feel Lincoln was a deist, not an atheist. I looked for some earlier references to God in Lincoln's writings and speeches. Here are a few examples.

On February 8, 1842, Lincoln gave a eulogy after the death of Benjamin Ferguson, a prominent Springfield businessman. Lincoln referenced God several times:

"Would to God, he had been longer spared to the humane work upon which he had so disinterestedly entered."

"In very truth he was, the noblest work of God---an honest man."

"To Almighty God we commend him; and, in his name, implore the aid and protection, of his omnipotent right arm, for his bereaved and disconsolate family."

In letters to his friend, Joshua Speed, he referenced God. Here are a few examples:

"I hope with tolerable confidence, that this letter is a plaster for a place that is no longer sore. God grant it may be so."

"She accompanied a large party on the Rail Road cars, to Jack-sonville last monday; and on her return, spoke, so that I heard of it, of having enjoyed the trip exceedingly. God be praised for that."

"...I believe God made me one of the instruments of bringing your Fanny and you together, which union, I have no doubt He had fore-ordained. Whatever he designs, he will do for me yet. "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord'' is my text just now."
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