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Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
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RE: Lincoln's Christianity by Michael Burkhimer
Maharba, I think you either didn't understand my question at all, or didn't consider it serious, which it was. I was looking for your definition of a (stalwart) Christian. Commonly a Christian is someone who believes first of all in the New Testament and in Jesus Christ as God's virgin born son who died to free humanity from the Original Sin.
I like Mary Lincoln's wording "not a technical Christian" and "no faith in the usual acceptation of those word(s)" because I wouldn't only apply this to myself but also to Abraham Lincoln. E.g. I think Jesus did probably exist but was a wise man/prophet like Buddha or Muhammad, not God's son, and I do not believe in the Original Sin, nor would I pray to Jesus. Nevertheless would I consider myself a Christian (highly appreciating the Ten Commandments, which are Old Testamental, of course, and other Christian values as e.g. illustrated by Jesus in his parables) - but due to my issues with Jesus, in the original sense and definition I am not. I don't "follow" Jesus Christ the way a Christian is supposed to do. Likewise I am not sure respectively tend to doubt Abraham Lincoln gave much thought and faith to Jesus and his "function", but rather, like I, to God and the essential values behind the tales. But "stalwart" implies to me strictly following the original meaning and beliefs. Thus I am asking you what your criteria for a Christian are (or if you have evidence he did believe in Jesus, the Original Sin, etc.) as it wouldn't match the common definition.
BTW, I, too, like the 23rd Psalm (and although not considering me a "stalwart" Christian could/would give it as counsel even by heart) which, again, is Old Testamental, and has nothing to do with Jesus Christ:
I hope I could make my question as for your definition better understandable and would really like to learn. Thanks!
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