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President Lincoln walked into Richmond...alone?
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RE: President Lincoln walked into Richmond...alone?
Thanks ever so much for posting this, Mark! A WONDERFUL image....

The Green Arrow is Libby Prison -- and.....the Red Arrow is more or less, I believe Montebello Plantation house and outbuildings. The house faced the James River and I grew up down the street from this house which was Jeb Stuart's headquarters at one time during the war. My dad was the president of the local civil association for Fulton Hill and the Mayor of Richmond, Mr. Garber, lived at Montebello when I was a small kid. Some of my fondest memories are of accompanying my dad on his visits to the Mayor and going into that beautiful old mansion.

By the way, the last large house up on the end of the ridge nearer to the edge and closer to the river; the one with the two chimneys and stair-step roof, near top of the green arrow is the home of Luther Libby, owner of the warehouse which became Libby Prison. That house still stands up on that ridge, now called Libby Terrace.

[Image: montebello1865.jpg]

[Image: montebello.jpg]


[Image: lutherlibbyhouse.jpg]

Luther Libby House

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