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President Lincoln walked into Richmond...alone?
08-21-2012, 07:02 PM
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President Lincoln walked into Richmond...alone?
I was reading the account of Lincoln's arrival into Richmond as reported by Thomas Thatcher Graves, Aide-De-Camp on the staff of General Weitzel-and something he said got my attention- "The President had arrived about 9 o'clock, at the landing called Rocketts, upon Admiral Porter's flag-ship, the Malvern, and as soon as the boat was made fast, without ceremony, he walked on shore, and started off uptown. As soon as Admiral Porter was informed of it he ordered a guard of Marines to follow as escort, but in the walk of about two miles they never saw him, and he was directed by negroes." Now members of this Forum, am I to understand that President Lincoln having arrived in the newly fallen Richmond walked two miles within the city without escort? Do you all realize how far two miles is? (I know you do). I've seen the portrayals of Lincoln walking through the town surrounded by military personnel- so it really didn't happen that way? Also interesting to me is that the officer who wrote the report (and was there)- did not mention Tad-who accompanied his father.

Bill Nash
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