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Influential Women of the Civil War Period
05-12-2015, 07:46 AM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2015 07:50 AM by Gene C.)
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RE: Influential Women of the Civil War Period
Audrey, I am interested in how you develop your paper with the list of war time influences. Some of the names on the list I am unfamiliar with. Surprised to see Grace Bedell on there. Good choice, I wouldn't have thought of her.

Not sure if you want to consider Emilie Todd Helm to the list. She certainly wanted to be a war time influence, and she may have been, just not in the direction she wanted him to go.

Not sure if you are planning on going in this direction, but a post-war influence on Lincoln's legacy would be Ida Tarbell, Bernie Babcock and Augusta Stevenson. Ms. Stevenson was a prolific writer of biographies for children. Her work on Lincoln was written in 1932, and reprinted several times and still published and widely read today.

So when is this "Old Enough To Know Better" supposed to kick in?
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