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Influential Women of the Civil War Period
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RE: Influential Women of the Civil War Period
Thanks for the feedback and your excitement! I will definitely share my paper, I am about 9 pages in.... I appreciate your recommendations, I will check them out tomorrow afternoon. I am just getting to Mary Todd Lincoln and there is much to uncover.

I can only imagine how difficult it was for them as a couple. From my early search, she had three brothers who fought with the Confederacy, two of them even died serving. Her family was divided over the war and her heart must have hurt. Marriage is hard under the best of circumstances and the era in which they found themselves in was definitely not ideal.

It seems as if both of them may have suffered from you have any insight on this? One book I looked at even mentioned, that MTL may have suffered from what we know today as Bi-Polar disorder.

I love your thoughts. Thank you for taking so much time to give me initial feedback on my ideas. This is exactly what I need. You are influencing my learning process! I am going to consider your thoughts...perhaps it would be better to use the post war section as a conclusion vs. a separate section. What do you think of that?
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