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Influential Women of the Civil War Period
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RE: Influential Women of the Civil War Period
Welcome to the forum, Audrey. I have never heard of "Leadership Studies" and am curious, so may I ask - is it a part of another, larger field (like politics)? What profession would one aim at when studying this?

I don't know how you define "influence on Abraham Lincoln", but as for my definition my instant thought is "none fits".

Regarding your first two categories, although his stepmother supported his desire to study and he allegedly said that "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother", I think their actual shaping influence was little. I am quite sure he would have made his way whatever the circumstances.

During the CW there were certainly women whom and whose efforts and achievements he highly respected and appreciated, but I don't think any seriously influenced or shape him. If there was any female influence on him to some extent perhaps in religious matters, like by Rebecca Pomroy, or Anna Dickinson. (And not to forget Grace Bedell who shaped his very real appearance...)

The only person coming instantly to my mind at all is probably Henry Clay. His wife Mary said that "none of us, no man or woman, could rule him". I think it is one of the features that "made Abraham Lincoln" was that he was not to be influenced or manipulated by others.

Re.: "Post-War Influencers (Although Lincoln was deceased, his legacy lives on)" - how can you influence a dead person's mind? (I sure know what you mean, but I would word that differently to be correct. And clearly define the word "influence".)
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