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Wilkes Booth Came To Washington
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Wilkes Booth Came To Washington
by Larry Starkey, copyright 1976 with 189 pages. He had a bachelors degree in history and political science. This is the only book he wrote, he passed away in 2011.

Fairly interesting. Starkey believed it was Booths original intention to escape by rail to Canada (with the assistance of John Surratt) but due to breaking his leg, had to escape to the south.

Not always taking the more conventional viewpoint of the assassination by most historians , he had this to say about John Surratt,
"The government gambled that the linking element - embodied in the form of the twenty-three -year-old secret courier who had left Davis and Benjamin in early April for Montreal to communicate with Booth during the three days before the murder - would present himself before the trials end, if only to save the life of his mother. Perhaps if Stanton and Holt had known him better they would have realized it was a pointless gamble - a man doesn't survive for three years as a spy behind the enemy's lines by nurturing his softness"

I don't think it's a must have book, but it is a good, nice to have book.
You can find a very affordable copy on Amazon for less than $3.00

So when is this "Old Enough To Know Better" supposed to kick in?
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