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The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
01-16-2016, 09:35 PM
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RE: The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
Interesting material for sure. The boy become old man RBGarrett and his claim of 'matching the picture', but the incompetent Stanton had insisted on furnishing not a picture of JWBooth but of Edwin Booth. I doubt the man shot in the barn 'matched' either one. And the interesting 1972 letter analyzing the shot. It says the bullet entered the back. Again this proves Boston Corbett was starkly lying. Gene asks why it is really important to emphasis that Corbett was a liar and a coward, as I have. Because that fact unravels more of the "legend". Remember the stock narratives of Corbett that he was such a holy man, he would fall down and pray for a man who might use a curse word in Corbett's presence. It is the heighth of hypocrisy, therefore, for Boston Corbett to shoot a man on crutches in the back, lie about it, and then haul God himself into his lies: "God directed me and my shot to the identical location of Lincoln's wound". And, proceed to go before church pulpits across the country with these brazen lies --and all the while making himself out as a sterling Christian. Moreover, this bullet evidence again confirms that the man in the barn was NOT shot just right behind the ear, as Corbett claimed. The eye witness testimony is conflicting, at the very outset. I can not make out from the report, though, what gun was used in backshooting the man in the barn? I'm surprised he did not make that clear in the report. And thanks Houmes for the amplified DNA testing advancements. What that boils to, in my opinion, is: this is the crime of the century for America. If actual samples of hair exist from the man in the barn, and it is even remotely possible to test them for a match with a member of the Booth (or Edwin Booth remains), it is very remiss to not do so. It is not really my intention to get bogged down, with
examining all the contradictions with the man in the barn supposedly being Booth, and I favor examining the material instead on the man claiming to be the escaped John Wilkes Booth who appeared in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.
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