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The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
01-16-2016, 06:35 AM
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RE: The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
(01-15-2016 10:55 PM)maharba Wrote:  Boston Corbett says that god directed his shot and it hit Booth just behind the ear just like Lincoln was shot. But the body in the barn had NO such wound. And no one seemed to want to either acknowledge or question this contradiction. Boston Corbett also claimed that either Booth was pointing his rifle at him when he shot (which would produce a frontal shot in reply from Corbett's gun to the body in the barn, there was NO such wound on that body) or that Booth was raising his rifle to shoot other soldiers. But the boy Richard B. Garrett eyewitness testimony shows Boston Corbett was lying about that claim.

The same person also said positively that the dead body was indeed Booth. I am curious why you 100% accept the boy's eyewitness account regarding Corbett but seem to question the same boy's eyewitness account regarding the man in the barn being Booth.

The June 8, 1903, edition of the Alexandria Gazette contained an interview with Richard H. Garrett’s youngest son, Reverend Dr. Richard B. Garrett. The interview was titled "SAW BOOTH KILLED."

In the interview Reverend Garrett said, "The slayer of President Lincoln died in my father’s barn. His remains were most thoroughly identified from a photograph and the printed description that was possessed by the soldiers. There is not the shadow of a doubt but that his wild life was ended by Sergeant Corbett’s bullet. I was there and was present at the identification. I know how thorough it was because it was the first intimation that my father had entertained for two days as his guest as an injured stranger in need -- the slayer of President Lincoln. I know how surprised we all were when it dawned upon us that the man lying dead before us could be no other than Booth. There were the tattoo marks of his initials on his arm, and the comparison with the picture was perfect. God never made two men exactly alike as the dead man and the one whose photograph there could be no doubt was Booth’s. Point by point the printed description held in the detective’s hand was followed out. Height, color of hair and eyes, every scar and mark tallied exactly."
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