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The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
01-15-2016, 10:55 PM
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RE: The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
At the very outset of "the capture of John Wilkes Booth" witnesses give strikingly different statements. The 'gospel filled born again' Boston Corbett says that god directed his shot and it hit Booth just behind the ear just like Lincoln was shot. But the body in the barn had NO such wound. And no one seemed to want to either acknowledge or question this contradiction. Boston Corbett also claimed that either Booth was pointing his rifle at him when he shot (which would produce a frontal shot in reply from Corbett's gun to the body in the barn, there was NO such wound on that body) or that Booth was raising his rifle to shoot other soldiers. But the boy Richard B. Garrett eyewitness testimony shows Boston Corbett was lying about that claim. But Boston Corbett, the Christian model of reformed virtue, went on a brief lecture tour and later to churches and sermons where he told that same heroic lie, over and over again. I wonder why Lincoln scholars seemed to have missed these glaring points? So, even in the initial phase of 'the capture of JWBooth', red flags should be going up, but seem to be ignored.

And some of the Garrett's had (may still have?) locks of hair from the man who was backshot in the barn. is profitless to actually try to confirm it as being from the actor JWBooth "because it cannot have DNA" in it. And the several, long elaborated narratives from the servant of being there with Edwin Booth and actually burning trunks of John Wilkes Booth clothing and material...likely never really happened either...just an accidental fire?
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