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The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
01-11-2016, 02:51 PM (This post was last modified: 01-11-2016 05:11 PM by Gene C.)
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RE: The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
(01-11-2016 12:34 PM)maharba Wrote:  And, what do YOU make, Roger, of his usual claims that God directed his bullet, that it followed the identical path and hit Booth behind the left ear?

Quote: maharba wrote
When Corbett went missing in action, and was captured by John Singleton Mosby, he supposedly fought it out to the last before giving up --shooting 12 times with a rifle...but hitting nothing. When Corbett had his last (known) mayhem episode in Topeka at the statehouse, again he supposedly shot 12 times, and again missed every time

According to you then, Corbett wouldn't have been able to hit the broad side of a barn, perhaps that is what he was aiming at when he shot Booth?
Bless your heart, you can't have it both ways.

By the way, what are you shooting/aiming at? What point are you trying to make?

So when is this "Old Enough To Know Better" supposed to kick in?
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