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The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
12-30-2015, 07:53 PM
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RE: The Legend Of John Wilkes Booth
(12-30-2015 05:34 PM)maharba Wrote:  True enough, Susan. Hundreds, thousands likely had worked at some capacity in Shakepeare plays and theatre and opera houses. But how many could recount intimate personal details of the leading actors and actresses, like John St.Helen? Which suggested that this man had worked at a level very similar to Booth. And his knowledge of stagecraft indicated a sophisticated level of experience, as well. And how many looked like John Wilkes Booth, and how many claimed to BE John Wilkes Booth --but only in a final illness situation. Almost like a dying declaration.

John St.Helen (and/or) David George may merely have been a huckster having some knowledge and then trading off his similar looks to accrue the fame of Booth. But, I think it is possible we may yet unravel much more of the Legend of John Wilkes Booth Surviving On, and to do so means looking over original records and making close analyses and even shrewd guesses as to what was taking place. History will not be served by glibly claiming 'the official government record is such and such', or
with revisitations back to the traveling mummy narratives --but only to shortcircuit a stronger investigation into the Legend from all sources of information.

May we assume that you intend to do further extensive research on this subject in order to prove (or disprove) the escapist theory? May we assume that you think there are legitimate avenues that have not yet been found or analyzed? May we assume that you consider yourself a step above the respected historians who have pursued this "chase" for over 100 years?

I can only say, "Good luck with that project and get back to us with your conclusions."
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